Essay about Othello And The Merchant Of Venice

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Othello and The Merchant of Venice were written by William Shakespeare. The two plays were based on the same period of time and took place in the same area, which was Venice, Italy. Shakespeare likes make his plays have similarities to each other. Not only to have similar situations but to have similar characteristics of that situation. One of the biggest similarities between Othello and The Merchant of Venice, was the father and daughter relationships. Each character had reacted similar to the other; however, their intentions were different.
The two father and daughter relationships are similar because of how the fathers react to their daughters decisions on whom to marry. Jessica rejects her father Shylock’s lifestyle and even his religion. During that age of time, rejecting your family’s religion, is usually an instant exile from the family. Even during today’s time rejecting a family’s religion, is still a big issue. Jessica is clearly the rebel child out of all his children. However, even though she rejects her father she does not reject his wealth. She almost uses her father for his wealth. But her behavior is not all to shocking because of Shylock treats her. Shylock is a very controlling father, who does not see Jessica has her own person but an extension of himself. Shylock states, “My own flesh and blood to rebel” (3.1.32). Shylock believes that it is disgraceful that Jessica would go against his own word. Running off with a man, who is also a…

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