The Struggle In Oscar Heline's Story

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Oscar Heline’s story is about his financial struggles during the Great Depression. Oscar Heline was a farmer in the 1930’s who had to deal with the Great Depression in the worst way. Even through his suffering, he reacted to his problems with class. He recollects his personal memories during the downturn of the economy. He recalls the struggles and how it made him desperate and adapt to his environment with many people feeding into greed and violence.
As a farmer in the late 1920’s and 1930’s, Oscar Heline suffered many conflicts with his farm. Before the stock market crashed, Oscar had already had some financial troubles with his farm. He was attached to the farm spending his whole life there. To me that’s unbelievable because I have been moving from one place to another all my life. The longest time I’ve lived in the same house was five years at most. For him to
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“One group tried to sell so they could live and the other group tried to keep you from selling so they could live.” They had to gain in the expense of the poor to obtain more for themselves. Greed took over people’s minds and took advantage of the less needy. In my opinion this was a bad way to react to the downfall of the economy. If anything, they should have helped each other in ways they can all positively prosper other than bring down the ones lower than them. Furthermore, some farmers disliked other farmers after the market crashed because of their desperation. They had their own groups and cliques. If you are in indifferent about them and or aren’t with them in the circle then you would be considered a foe. Those people who was blinded by temptation and corruption suffered more. That just goes to show how the Great Depression influenced people in their worst way. I can attest to that because I can be very serious with money. Desperation would probably lure me to some ill will but I would not go through with just for pure frustration like those farmers

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