Essay on Origins Of Traditional Medicine Chinese Medicine

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Every society has different views concerning the body, cause of disease, and healing. The way people in a society view themselves and healing will affect treatments. The diversity of healing cultures around the world can largely be attributed to the isolation many societies used to have. The concept of globalization is relatively new and has led to many places combining age-old healing traditions with the new. A great example of this is Chinese traditional medicine and its belief that illnesses are caused by supernatural forces affecting the qi, to combat those forces treatment involves spiritual healing and the use of herbs. To some this may be considered a primitive practice but, it is widely used internationally in the modern world.
The exact origins of traditional medicine Chinese medicine is unclear, similar to imitative magic they observed diseases, and identified patterns. Healers noticed that when one part of the body is hurt, it often showed up in other ways in different parts of the body, there was unity in the body. This concept is shown by qi, universal energy that is in everything. Pain is a product of blocked qi. An example of qi would be that when the ancient Chinese observed a healthy patient, food is carried down through a series of canals and the act of vomiting involves ejecting food from the stomach; a rising movement. These observations feature two movements: normal falling and an abnormal rising. This movement is essentially qi. When the body 's normal,…

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