Origins Of Philosophy And Western Philosophy Essay

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Origins of Philosophy What is “stuff” made of? From where and from whom does “stuff” come into existence? These were most likely the types of questions the very first philosophers of the West asked. 6th century BCE is estimated to be the time when early Greek philosophers began to take the first steps forward to questioning topics that were often noted as dogmatic (Stumpf 3). Western philosophy took questions about the universe, world, and everything inside of it and searched for a reasonable and logical explanation to elucidate why things are the way they are. Simple answers to questions deemed as dogmatic no longer satisfied or fed their growing curiosities. Subsequent to Western philosophy, Eastern philosophy brought a whole new spectrum of thought to the philosophical world, opening new doors and presenting new insights. Philosophy was created under the basis of understanding the way things work; answering “whys” in life. Due to various differences in factors such as culture and customs, Western and Eastern philosophy vary greatly as shown by the contrasting teachings of Western philosopher Plato and Eastern philosopher Confucius. Here we will discuss the origins of philosophy itself, compare and contrast West versus East philosophy, and explain why we see differences and similarities in the two. Philosophy originated in the West, in the trifling islands of Greece. The word “Philosophy” itself is derived from the Greek words “philo” meaning love and “sophia” meaning…

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