Origin Clavicular : Medical Half Of Anterior Surface Of Clavicle

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1.Pectoralis Major

Origin-Clavicular: medical half of anterior surface of clavicle

Sternal: anterior surfaces of costal cartilage of first 6 ribs and adjacent portion of sternums

Insertion- Clavicular: flat tendon two or three inches wide to the outer lip of intertubercular

Sternal: groove of humerus

Action-Clavicular: internal rotation, horizontal adduction, flexion abduction, and adduction (when the arm is 90 degree of abduction of the glenohumeral joint)

Sternal: internal rotation, horizontal adduction, extension, and adduction of the glenohumeral joint

Exercise: dumbbell flat bench chest press, dumbbell flyes on incline bench

2.Latissimus Dorsi

Origin- Posterior crest of illium, back of sacrum, and spinous process of lumbar and lower T6-T12; slips from lower three ribs

Insertion- Medial side of intertubercular groove of humerus

Action- Addition, extension, and internal rotation of glenohumeral joint also horizontal abduction of glenohumeral joint

Exercise- overhead pulldowns, pull-up

3. Deltoid

Origin- Anterior: anterior lateral third of the clavicle

Middle: lateral aspects of acromion

Posterior: inferior edge of spine scapula

Insertion- Anterior: deltoid tuberosity on lateral humerus

Middle: deltoid tuberosity on lateral humerus

Posterior: deltoid tuberosity on lateral humerus

Action- Anterior: abduction, flexion, horizontal adduction and internal rotation of henohumeral joint

Middle: abduction of the glemohumeral joint

Posterior: abduction,…

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