Organizing Hrf Essay

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The purpose of this study is not only to identify which of the following companies: Manotel, Taj, Le Meurice, SWA corresponds to which Human Resources role, but more important to compare advantages and disadvantages of those, according to experts and to give recommendations of my vision on excellent HR model.
Administrative Expert
Faylor, Taylor & Weber describe administrative expert role as the one that aims to optimize costs. Costs are equal to factors of production, main of which are human beings. To minimize costs and establish a productivity-related pay (Taylor) HR team checks the law requirements before announcing salary to the potential employee during Manotel’s staffing procedure. Since equity principal, as
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(Price) But even theory X and theory Y were finished by 1970s, they were sill not executed vastly until 20th century, that was new HR role, employee champion. (Price)
Employee Champion
Human beings were not seen anymore as factors of production, but as psychological creatures moved by complex motivations. In order to activate the motivators, a manager should identify them and understand their hierarchy. Herzberg performed this study, when he categorized stimulation to work into “hygiene”(“maintenance”) factors and “motivators”. But an extraordinary fact to know is that even some hygiene factors are missing, a person could still feel satisfied, if “motivators” compensate for it. (Mayo) An artefact at South West Airlines, is a statement by Mr Kellerher “employee comes first”. Autonomous team and employee engagement, as described by Price is essential for business company, and as SWA employees are “openly encouraged to have fun”, it leads to several achievements, such as good relationship at work, pleasant work and fantastic experience for the customers. Furthermore, SWA does not only make every day operations enjoyable, it has also long term vision in terms of high morale. (Ulrich, Mondy)The artefacts are catastrophe fund and culture committee, plus recognition “headquarters are covered with photos

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