Organizational Development ( Od ) Essay

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Beckhard (as cited by Gallos, 2006) explained that organizational development (OD) is a strategic and coordinated intent directed by key leaders to improve the productivity and performance of the organization. Within the OD process there will be continuous formative assessments that will guide the developmental process and require needed changes to be implemented Schmuck, Bell and Bell (2012). Burke (2004) described seven key aspects of the OD process of which I have selected the element of change leadership to appraise and apply to my school organization where I currently teach. The high school where I teach currently serves 2500 students and has implemented new initiatives to develop innovative instructional that utilize web 2.0 technologies. Due to a slow progress and diverse reactions to the integration of new technologies, school leaders are revisiting OD plan designs and change interventions to make systematic improvements. The key area in need of improvement is the communication and collaboration between school leaders and teachers which utilizes traditional frames of thought processes that are not compatible with the new OD process requirements. Bolman and Deal (2013) stated, "A frame is a mental model-a set of ideas and assumptions-that you carry in your head to help you understand and negotiate a particular 'territory '" (p. 10). Consequently, I feel that in order for our school 's OD process, in technology integration, to be successful, effective change…

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