Organizational Change Is An Imperative Process Essay

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Organizational Change
Organizational change is an imperative process that announces a break from the normal ways of conducting business. This process in integrated into institutions so as to usher in an improved system that promises efficiency and effectiveness in the long-run. The organizational change is as a result of the cyclic nature of business life. This is a concept that needs to be prioritized by the executive management of the organization. The rational choice theory is of the position that an objective, external reality is the propagating force of change to flow from purposeful actions within the organization. In contrast, routines, pressures, and isomorphism are the core roots of institutional change according to conceptualism.
This is an argumentative essay that looks at the concept of organizational change. Firstly, the essay defines this terminology according to business scholars and pundits. Secondly, the essay highlights the two primary sources of change within the organization. These internal and external constraints act in different thresholds so as to produce desire and urge for expedited and well though the change in the institution. The existence of these factors has been necessitated by resource dependence theory. Thirdly, the essay looks at the debate that revolves around a change in the way organizations conduct their operations. Lastly, the essay offers an academic point of view about this concept. Organizational change is a passage of…

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