Organization Management : An Organization Essay

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Organization management is a very critical aspect in any business. All other things constantly held; organization management determines success or failure of a business. Organization management is a process that involves planning, staffing, coordination, directing and organization so as to achieve the set objectives. It entails bringing together employees, managers and processes of a business so as to achieve the objectives, targets and goals of the business. Therefore, organization management is a process of establishing a productive relationship with internal and external parties of the organization. Organization as a duty of management lays foundation for planning. Organization process is a sequence of activities that involves the following steps. Firstly, it involves reviewing plans and goals. It is the analysis of methods followed so as to achieve the goals; to evaluate of both the plans and goals so as to establish their validity and possibility of achieving them. Secondly, determining the work activities, this step entails focusing on the activities of the business and identifies the best means to perform the activities (Inman, 2003). Thirdly, classifying and grouping the activities, where the management puts the activities in order of urgency, importance and need for performance. Fourthly, assigning work and delegating authority. It entails such aspects as assigning work to departments, for example, accounting, finance and marketing among others. Fifthly, this step…

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