Organic Vs Organic Food Essay

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Register to read the introduction… With low income families or even families who have a lot of family members have a much more difficult time to spend the amount of money they have left for food on wholesome healthy produce and instead they can go down the isle to the packaged refined processed foods or to a fast food chain restaurant and get un-healthy food for less money and more of it. They could get a hamburger, fries and a frosty at Wendy’s for only three dollars and that is considered a whole meal for one person, where as you could go to the produce section in the grocery store and pick out a very small amount of fruits and or vegetables for the same amount, if not more; and that does not even feed for one. No wonder why especially in these hard times of our nation we bargain for food but in the end it just makes us unhealthy and overweight. For the people who struggle with buying wholesome all-natural and organic foods the cost of health care can be un-accessible therefore causing them to withhold treatment or information on maintaining a healthy diet by staying away from the processed, packaged and refined …show more content…
One in three children will grow up and become obese. Is this a future that you want to bring your child into? Changing the American diet you can prevent child obesity by not taking them to fast food restaurants for a token of “being good” for the week, or giving into what they want at the grocery store because they are turning blue in the face kicking and screaming that they want this particular candy. We all need to learn the importance and the value of wholesome foods, and to avoid as much as possible chemically or genetically modified foods. It is a major health problem that we Americans are facing and it is only getting worse. Processed foods are a main reason to our top health risks for Americans today, and if there is no action being done to prevent this, it can be fatal. Not taking this and putting the American Diet aside and choose all natural and organic foods, our nation can become much worse. The cost of wholesome foods are more expensive therefore we choose to stick with the bargain foods rather than putting something that is more nutritious and keeps your body working right. But it is not worth the cost of paying your medical bills every time you go to the doctor or to fill your prescriptions when you could actually help remove the illnesses just by eating wholesome all-natural and organic

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