Organic Vs. Non Organic Essay

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Organic v. Non-Organic
When considering the problem of the lack of food regulations and the toll it takes on the health of people and the environment, compared to organic foods and their regulation system. Organic foods are heavily regulated, but people’s health and the environment benefit from the regulations of organic foods. When people think natural food, they assume it means organic, but that is not the case. Natural foods can be heavily processed with hormones, antibiotics, or artificial flavors. In the United States, neither the FDA nor the USDA have rules or regulations for products that have the “natural” label. Organic labels undergo intense regulations by the USDA, such as: no synthetic fertilizers, synthetic growth and breeding hormones, antibiotics, GMO’S, and any pesticides must be natural. It takes about three years and a large amount of money for farms to go organic. Once the farm is organic certified, farmers receive inspections, keep a very detailed log, and must be prepared for surprise visits to test the soil and water. However, organic labeling does not guarantee 100% organic. Any product labeled as organic only needs 95% of its ingredients to have been safely organically grown.
Growing safe food organically isn’t just good for the produce. Organic agriculture protects the environment and the health of animals, but also tries to improve it. Organic agriculture rely more on compost, crop rotation, and other natural tools. To grow organically, one needs…

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