Organic Foods Business Analysis

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survive on wholesale alone” (Hurwitz). This means that farmers need infrastructures and direct consumer buying.
With this growing Push for healthier organic food local businesses and Corporations have become more and more popular. With new opportunities it is allowing business to start up and already established business to expand. It also allows business that have been around to have increase in sales. Corporations such as Wegmans, Whole Foods Market, and Amy’s Kitchen. Small Stores such as Brigiotta’s, and Noeplace store have had success in the past but are now becoming more popular. The reason the smaller businesses are having more success is that they understand how important it is for local businesses to support other local businesses.
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Organic farming is brining jobs to the country and to New York State. Amy’s Kitchen “will spend nearly $100 million to form a 500,000 square foot manufacturing facility” this will create a lot of job opportunities to build the site but also create jobs inside the facility as well. This Expansion will “create nearly 700 new jobs in the Hudson Valley” and expects to break ground… in early 2015… will be operation by the end of 2016”. This expansion by Amy’s Kitchen will bring jobs to New York State, but also places like Brigiotta’s, Neoplace and tops already employee a lot of workers. Tops in Jamestown, NY “employs 210 people” and “90” at their other location (Invest in Fresh).While places like Whole Foods are opening new stores all across the United States. This means only good news for the organic market as Sarah Halzack Points out in her article “The growing popularity of organics is both good and bad news for Whole Foods” This is a good thing for whole foods but with an increase in demand there will be an increase in competition also. This competition has pushed place like whole foods to do more “It has opened 33 stores in the last four quarters in small cities such as Albany, N.Y., and Colleyville, Texas, bringing its store count in the United States to 386. It has 116 more stores in its development pipeline and believes …show more content…
In Jamestown, New York there are many activities and events that are trying to promote eating healthier. With food insecurity becoming a bigger problem there is an emphasis for the government to step in and try to help fix the problem. Food insecurity is having the lack of access to nutritional and healthy food. On way the government is trying to step in help fight poor eating is buy the use of SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). According to Invest in Fresh “26.9% of total households relied on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)… While only 14.4% in Chautauqua County Relied on SNAP during the same period”. This is a large number of the population that cannot afford to buy healthy organic food. Snap is the replacement of food stamps but what it does that food stamps didn’t is it allows people to buy fresh produce at farmers markets. There are many ways people pay at farmers markets “a variety of forms of payment in addition to cash, SNAP to credit cards to tokens” (Bittman). Even though this makes it more difficult for farmers it is also better because there are more forms of money to pay with. More access to the funds to pay with. Jamestown Renaissance Corporation (JRC) is a farmers market in the Jamestown area. (JRC) according to Invest in Fresh “also includes community activities, which involve food skill-building lessons such as preserving and garden

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