Organ Donation : An Organ Donor Essay

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an organ donor? Many people have not, unless it strikes within their own family. Registering to be a organ donor is probably one of the biggest and unselfish gift an individual can give. But, unfortunately the process is not easy; it is a long and complicated journey.

As I was looking for information on organ donation, I came across a persuasive speech it stated, " All you have to do is fill out one form, and receive a card; it really is that easy." I also thought it would be that easy, but, it really is not. I bring this up because I have a personal tragedy that relates to organ donation that I will speak about later. I have heard that to save a life is the greatest feeling in the world. But, many people do not have a chance to experience that emotion with the exception of a few; for example: police officers, doctors, firemen, and paramedics just to name a handful do their job with the sole purpose of trying to save lives.

There are two ways an individual can give the gift of life, by being a living donor or a deceased donor. Becoming a living benefactor is easier all you do is register by signing a donor registration card which you can download or when you renew your driver license. A living contributor can donate a kidney, part of their lung, liver, pancreas, and intestines. The patron will stay at the hospital for a couple of days to be monitored then sent home to continue their normal daily routine.

A deceased…

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