Ordinary Men By Christopher R. Browning Essay

1876 Words Nov 18th, 2015 null Page
Ordinary Men written by Christopher R. Browning is a book about Reserve Police Battalion 101 and their role in the Holocaust. It details how a group of middle aged, average men went from barely being able to pull the trigger to having no remorse when exterminating the Jewish population in Poland. Battalion 101’s story starts at the Jozefow massacre where many men were unable to kill the Jewish population. The book then details the rest of Battalion 101’s duties during the Second World War. The book leads up to the Harvest Festival where the Battalion had become hardened and could easily kill Jews. It is important to understand “Ordinary Men” because it shows that when men started working for Nazi Germany they were not murderous men who wanted to get rid of the Jews. However, they were normal men. Secondly, it explains how Ordinary Men could become the murderers that helps inflict the Holocaust. Lastly, there is an insight to how Nazi Germany influenced these men to become murderers. Furthermore, the idea of ordinary men is controversial. The thought that an ordinary man could cause so much harm and become as murderous as to execute the actions in the Holocaust is difficult. Nevertheless Ordinary Men gives us a deeper understanding of how the Holocaust took place. At the beginning of WWII many men joined the police so they would not have to join the military and see front line battle. These men came from working class jobs and were laborers. Another group of men that formed…

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