Oratorical Analysis In The 2012 State Of The Union Address

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Oratorical Analysis of the 2012 State of the Union Address
After their time in office, presidents will often become known for their persona and quirks, rather than their accomplishments. President Barack Obama, for instance, is notorious for his confident and unwavering voice. It manages to echo throughout his speaking arena without coming across as aggressive, but rather soothing. January 24th of 2012 marked the first State of the Union Address in Obamas second term as president. The purpose of this annual speech is to inform congress of the administration’s plans and ideas, and give a brief summary of the year in office. He faced a primarily republican congress as a first-hand audience, but he delivered to the entire nation’s population.
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In fact, it defines their success in a way. Saying the right thing is crucial, but between 65-70% of the effectiveness of communication comes from the nonverbal communication they use (Brown). The tone, the inflictions, the timed pauses, and even the gestures the president is permitted in a small speaking space are all essential factors in being well received as a speaker. Can you imagine a president without his authoritative voice? If they are unable to command a room, how would they be expected to lead a country? At the end of the Address, after an hour, Barack Obama finishes off with a heartfelt homage to the U.S. Troops (2012 State of the Union Address). Obama tells an inspiring narrative of serving the nation, regardless of who you are. Without the emotional fluctuation of his voice, or the expression in his hands, it would have come across as …show more content…
2012 marked the beginning of his first year of his second term as president, and so the grudges were definitely felt throughout the primarily conservative audience. Within hours of airing, major news outlets were giving their critiques of the speech. As usual, the State of the Union stirred up complaints from right wing politicians. However, these complaints were of a general consensus throughout Obama 's first term. The issues that conservatives found with the president’s speech, were not new ones, meaning that the State of the Union had not prompted any new arguments. Congressman Jeb Hensarling gave an interview about the address on CNN during a section about republican’s responses. "He acted like he parachuted into town last night," Hensarling said, attacking the president for not giving time for more in-depth discussions on difficult issues (Republicans React to Obama Address). It is true that the president’s Address was very mild, but it is also wise for Obama to go the simple route, and not start a debate where there does not need to be

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