Oral Dracula from a Reader and Femminist Perspective Essay

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Bram Stokers "Dracula" an oral presentation

Good Morning/Afternoon Today I will review Bram stokers' 1897 novel Dracula, the approaches I will be using to reviewing the novel include the world centred approach, and the reader response approach exploring the themes of reader positioning and the authors intented reading and reader, then focusing on the world centred approach of the feministtheory.

reader centred

-attention on the reader

-different readers from different social, cultural, religious backgrounds etc
, will being and interpret different meaning to text, refletc ing from there own backgrounds and life experiences

-perception of real life and the way the text presents personal or human life experiences

world centred
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And then offcourse there is Renfield who is a patient at Seward Asylum, who has a strange habit of consuming living creatures, insetc s, spiders, bird...this habit allows him to be seduced into serving dracula. Within the novel the reader at may times conceive different ideas to the over all themes" of the text due to many outside factors, such as social factors , education and cultural backgrounds play a major role in the reader centred approach of reading and analysis of a text. But the most obvious reading that is shown numerously throughout the novel, it the perception of religion.

The topic of religion Christian and anti-Christian is evident many times within the novel it is a looming element such as the presence of the count ...it is always there, the first encounter with this is shown when Jonathan Harker is travelling to the counts castle , on his way he is met by several locals, once he has told them of his destination, they cross themselves and make other superstitious actions. This is Where on of the Locals a women.. presents Jonathan with a crucifix, this is the very same crucifix that save Jonathan from the count when he cuts himself shaving, dracula lunges for his throat, but stops and shuns away when he sees the crucifix around jonathans neck. Jonathan and Mina, especially Mina ,as I have said in this novel represent Christian beliefs, purity and innocent while Dracula, is the opposite he is the image of anti-Christian.

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