The Concept Of Homosexuality In Dracula By Bram Stoker

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Dracula by Bram Stoker is a Gothic horror novel about a vampire named Count Dracula, who plans to move from Transylvania to England. Stoker published his novel in 1897, and his work draws from many historical events that are displayed throughout his novel. The concept of immigration was popular during this time; it gave rise to a huge debate regarding racial purity versus racial deterioration. In addition to the concept of immigration, another significant event during this time was the rise of the feminist ideal called The New Woman, which posed a threat on gender roles, especially on British masculinity. While Stoker draws from many of these historical events, the character Dracula seems especially drawn from the Oscar Wilde trials. The author uses the Oscar Wilde trials as models to bring terror into his novel and highlights desire over deeds for homosexuality. Stoker’s work represents the stigma societies have on the act of homosexuality and criticizes the idea of cultural norms. The passage begins with the character Jonathan Harker preparing to leave his hotel to take a trip to visit the castle of Dracula, when the landlady of the hotel begs him not to go since it is the eve of St. George’s Day. She warns him that St. George’s Day is the day that evil is in full swing and gives him a crucifix to wear. Jonathan Harker does not believe superstitions are real and has uneasy feeling about the crucifix.

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