Happiness Vs Happiness

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Siegel stated, “The challenge is not to latch onto a particular idea, emotion, or sensation, or to get caught in thinking about the past or the future. Instead you watch what comes and goes in your mind, and discover which mental habits produce a feeling of well-being or suffering” (26).When a person thought of enjoyment was, spend as much as they want in one day, the next day they woke up to will be full of regrets for the things they were not supposedly do. Personal happiness can easily disappear, but people cannot get eternal happiness. In addition, we do not use the money in exchange for our inner happiness. The feeling of happiness is complex. It is based off the feeling of desire: the choice or want of “one thing rather than another …show more content…
Happiness in life can described as a feeling of warmth. We should cherish our own happiness, and learn and appreciate with our hearts. In fact, happiness is very simple. When an optimistic person encounters a problem, it seems he or she still shows a smile on their face. Positive emotion will not only affect a person 's thoughts and the way they see things. It can make them become more active on the things they are likely to do. Even though, everyone has his or her own happiness, but sometimes people tend to ignore the feeling. At the same time, having a negative emotion will make us feel sad without the feeling of joy or excitement in life. Happiness is a feeling because a person can use their eyes to see, feel, touch the wonderful things that has happened in the world. Therefore, we should forget about the past, and live our lives through the present. Happiness found in the joy of a crowd, but sometimes we do not even notice that happiness is in our eyes. This means a person should go out and explore more and then they will discover the wonderful moments of happiness. We should start with develop a good habit; it will make us feel happier. Use opportunities that can make our life become more colorful and interesting. It is always nice to see the various aspects of things, so we can make a change and create our own kind of happiness. Everyone should cherish the life he or she has because each person’s life is not the same. We all need to put some efforts to fight for our life. The only thing that will remain forever in the life of happiness is the unforgettable memories and we should treasure those memories while it last. Happiness will happen if we have confidence in ourselves. For example, a person should not feel frustrated when he or she failed at doing something in their life; they should find the courage to stand up because life can only look forward not back down.

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