Oppression Faced By African Americans Essay

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Subjugation of African Americans Africans were enslaved by European-Americans in the beginning of seventeenth century. European-Americans captured Africans and brought them to America to make Africans their slaves. The masters were getting benefits and earning money by putting the slaves to work for them, While the slaves were separated from their relations and the only way to survive was to accept slavery. Though going to extra ordinary lengths to keep Negros oppressed, White-Americans considered African-Americans separate and unequal for centuries. African-Americans were being oppressed by European-Americans in three forms: Marginalization, powerlessness and violence. First of all, the beginning of oppression faced by African-Americans was “Marginalization, a way to show someone that he/she is inferior in status or limiting a group of people to a lower social standing in society. It is also called a process also of exclusion which shows some one that he/she is unimportant to the society” (Young 2). An example of how African-Americans were suffering from marginalization is that they had to endure juba, a stew containing a week’s leftovers from the plantation-owner’s house” (Sullivan 22).The Africans dark skin color was a cause of marginalization. African-Americans were forced to stay and work for landowner in order to pay their way out of debt (Sullivan 27).In order to keep African Americans oppressed getting education was prohibited for them, so they would never be aware…

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