Oppression During The Middle Eastern And Central Asian Countries

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The oppression of women has been a problem in the Middle Eastern and Central Asian countries for many years, especially since the Taliban rule in 1996 and the Islamic Revolution in 1979. The women of Afghanistan face this oppression on a daily basis. Women in Afghanistan, facing oppression for many different reasons, are often mistreated due to their religion, education and family status. It is because of this oppression that women have not been able to put into action anti-oppression movements and changes. Why is this so hard for the women of Afghanistan? Many different authors have chosen to look more closely at the oppression and have even had first hand experiences with these women, getting to talk and meet those that are behind the face of oppression in Afghanistan. Women in Afghanistan face the levels of maltreatment that would shock the western world, while also having severely limited ways to speak for themselves. In a survey conducted by Human Rights Watch, fifty eight women in a prison in Afghanistan were interviewed and the survey found that half of these women were jailed for acts that a common person would not define as a crime. This maltreatment of women was not always the case in Afghanistan. The modern oppression of women comes from the religious and social ideals that women are given. They are told to cover up for the sake of not being called a whore. According to Tonita Murray, “It is estimated that up to 90% of women never leave the home, and certainly…

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