Operational Analysis on Battle for Leyte Gulf Essay

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a. What is the battle/campaign all about
b. Battle/campaign objectives well presented
c. Opposing forces description (focus on Air Components)
d. Brief account of events
e. Key phases of the campaign and tactical outcomes
f. Effect of the battle on the subsequent course of war

The Battle of Leyte Gulf

a. What is the battle/campaign all about?

The Battle of Leyte Gulf raged from October 23 through 25, 1944. It was the largest naval battle ever fought — ending in the eclipse of the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) and its last sortie in force. Leyte Gulf also was the scene of the first organized use of Kamikaze (suicide) aircraft by the Japanese. The Australian heavy cruiser HMAS Australia was hit on October 21, and
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Sir Thomas Blamey commanding the Allied Land Forces; Maj. Gen. James L. Frink commanding the United States Army Services of Supply (SWPA); and Lt. Gen. Walter Krueger commanding the Alamo Force, U.S. Sixth Army.

The missions of the Allied Air Forces were:
1. To make aerial reconnaissance;
2. In co-ordination with the Third Fleet carrier-based aircraft, to neutralize hostile naval and air forces within range of the Philippines from A minus 9 in order to cover the movement of naval forces, the landing, and subsequent operations;
3. Within capabilities and when requested by Admiral Kinkaid, to protect convoys and naval forces and provide direct support of landings and subsequent operations;
4. To destroy Japanese shipping and installations in the Sulu and Arafura Seas and the East Indies.

On 24 September 1944, Gen. Kenney issued his order for the Leyte operations and assigned missions to the Allied Air Forces. He designated General Whitehead's Fifth Air Force as the Assault Force. It was to support the operations by intensified air activities against enemy installations, destroy hostile air and surface forces in the Celebes Sea and assigned areas in the Philippine Archipelago, and provide air defense for existing bases and forces in transit to Leyte within range of its capabilities. It was also to be prepared to establish, on order, land base air forces on Leyte. The Thirteenth Air Force was to support the missions of the Fifth Air Force, while

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