Operant Conditioning ( Operant ) Essay

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Operant Conditioning

What is operant conditioning? Operant conditioning was first discovered and experimented by a American Psychologist B.F Skinner who was the one who experimented on operant conditioning.This means that the purpose of Operant conditioning is to find a way that a behavior can be controlled in a positive or negative way. There could even be some methods in where this condition can be controlled and even researchers have been able to prove these movements. Operant condition isn’t something really serious but in some occasions it might be it will all depend on how you plan in using it. In my belief of all the methods that operant conditioning has I believe positive reinforcement is the most effective method in operant conditioning.There are different types of punishments but people don’t know if they are effective enough or not and that is why I will explain the steps to operant conditioning and its effects.

To begin with what operant conditioning is, is a way of learning where frequency of learning which the frequency of a voluntary behavior changes because of the consequences that the behavior produces ( Wood S.,et al.2011). This was discovered by Edward Thorndike and was continued by B.F Skinner who had demonstrated that shaping is particularly effective in conditioning complex behaviors (Wood, S., et al. 2011). This explains in how Skinner wants to show how there are ways you can control how something will turn out to be for example Skinner’s…

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