Openness To Experience Essay

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The way I would describe myself to fall on each of the five dimensions, would depend on my environment, I can either be stable or unstable. When it comes to extraversion, my personality seems to change when I meet new people. With family I am very talkative, energetic, and easy going. However, when I am around new people I tend to shut down and tend to be more quiet, reserved, and shy. I grew up in a big family with lots of cousins, aunts and uncles, at a young age my cousins became my first friends. Our families were inseparable; any new or fun activity was done as a family. Looking back, I don’t ever remember doing anything without them or having new people in our circle. I think this is why meeting new people has been a challenge for me, because growing up I didn’t need new people in my life, I had lots of cousins I called my friends. Being around my family makes me feel …show more content…
Since I was younger I’ve always been curious about everything, I remember watching my mom crochet and wanting to do the same thing she was doing. I get my creativity and open-mindedness from my her. If she didn 't know how to do or fix something, she would create her own way and make it work. I feel that growing in an environment where I observed my mother do great things with her hands, has thought me to always seek adventure and never lose my creativity. In my life time of experience, nurture, and observation, I’ve learn that the Five dimensions of personality are primarily environmental. We are born with certain traits but our environment can influence and change our personality. In our text book we 've read on how children mimic others who surround them by reacting in what they observed. I believe this also happens in personality. If a child sees a parent constantly upset or losing their temper, it 's possible that the child will see it as being ok and act on

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