Oops, She Did It Again Essay

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11 October 2010
Oops, She Did It Again Over the past decade, Britney Spears has gone downhill little by little from becoming famous after being on Disney channel. While doing a case study on Britney Spears, I learned the music industry stole away her innocence and molded it into an attempt to transition from a pop princess to a sexy adult performer that would sweep millions. Her overexposure and paparazzi frenzy causes her to go insane because she has no privacy. Additionally, there is proof that Britney has had many psychotic breakdowns. Maybe the reason for her actions in the past has to do with the fact her children being taken away from her custody and her career going slowly down the drain. Also, she has been in a constant
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In addition, “on July 18 2007, Britney goes to the beach with her assistant, takes off her dress and jumps in the ocean with just her bra and underwear on” (Cowboy). Psychologically, Britney looked like she lacked confidence when she was asked to perform for the 2007 VMA with only wearing a glittery bra and underwear. Remembering what happened that night, Britney danced sluggishly and acted as if she has never danced on stage before. Personally, Britney lost respect from a lot of fans after watching her comeback performance at the VMA. In October of 2007, Britney’s ex-husband gained full custody over her two sons (Lawson). A few months later, Spears is rushed to the hospital after becoming intoxicated and refusing to give up custody of her children. After this incident, Britney’s parents were concerned about her life going downhill little by little. When it comes to fashion, the pop star has certainly come a long way since her sexy “Slave for You” days but not essentially in the right direction. Recently at the 2010 Grammy’s, she wore a short black see-through dress which was not appropriate for the event. The paparazzi catch her wearing scant clothing regularly. In October 2010, Britney Spears made a remarkable comeback through the comedy show Glee. Many fans loved the hilarious, fall out of your seat episode that was dedicated to Britney Spears. Her glowing smile and toned body on the show illustrates how she looks happy and healthier than

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