Only Daughter By Sandra Cisneros Essays

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In Sandra Cisneros’s article, Only Daughter, she writes about herself and how her father and society saw women in the 1990s. She begins her writing by mentioning that she had six brothers but even if she had six brothers, she was still lonely since her brothers were embarrassed to play with their sister. So when Cisneros suggested that she would attend college, her father was overjoyed because he thought that this was the perfect time for her to find a husband. But as years go by and finally finishing her second year in graduate school, she still hasn’t found a man to marry. Her father’s disappointment can only be summoned up by a few words, “I wasted all that education” (Cisneros). From this point on she has tried to write as many essays, poem or anything that includes writing just for her father to recognize her and be proud of her. But all he reads are sports magazines or any magazines that are translated in Spanish. On top of that, when asked her father always he has seven sons, even though he only has six sons and one daughter. This “mistranslation” always hurt when she hears him say it. As time go by finally one of her writings were translated into Spanish and only this time is when her father finally realize his daughter’s hard work and accomplishments. In this essay, Cisneros tries create an idea where women can be valued equally to men in the society during this time. Through the use of this, Cisneros is able to construct gender by showing how men, or society in…

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