Online Learning Event For Adult Learners Essay

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Analysis Phase
This Web-based or online learning event for adult learners will integrate some Web 2.0 collaborative tools and social media with the objective to encourage the creation of a community of practice (COP) where informal learning will be support. The first step in designing an online event is to determine the instruction goal; in this particular scenario, the training manager pretends demonstrate the benefits of online education and the web 2.0 tools and how these tools can be inserted into the organization’s current infrastructure to support knowledge dissemination and informal learning. This learning event will be designed for medical office administration training to improve participants’ office administration skills; the target audience is going to medical assistant students. The next step will be to identify the audience or students’ needs and abilities. The audience is composed of adult learners of different ages (different generations and different ways to interact with the social media). Generational factor could be a possible learning barrier for some students, so it is important to identify these students and determine their limitations (current performance), as well as to identify students’ performance gap. To identify this limitations or gaps a diagnostic test or assessment can be designed and subsequently implemented (LearningLink Organization, 2011).
Design Phase
During this stage, learning training objectives must be designed. Instructional…

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