Online Casino Legalization Analysis

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Article 31 – Greece takes initial steps towards online casino gaming legalisation

Greece has been dominating the headlines as of late and not for good reasons. The country’s financial meltdown has become the talk of analysts and experts around the world. While the entire situation is fairly complex, to put it simply Greece has been spending beyond its means as a country for far too long and now it is paying the price. The country has received a bailout, with a second seemingly on the way. The problem is that for all the support the country has received, it still hasn’t made much progress in improving its own fortunes. That is until now, as cash-strapped Greece has made moves to add online gambling revenue to the country’s coffers.

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The latest nation that is taking steps to clamp down on such is the Netherlands, as they are upping any and all fines related to what they deem to be “unauthorized” gambling activity.

Operating without a License

While every country has issues with regards to illegal online casino activity, for the Dutch the issues seems to be surprisingly common. Originally, should a company or individual be caught conducting illegal gambling operations, then the fine was initially €50,000. This fine should of acted as a substantial deterrent, but it is clearly has not been as effective as many first thought. The penalty for offenders is now a much larger €150,000, triple the prior figure. Repeat offenders are also set to be put to the sword much worse than before, as the fine has been increased to over €800,000 for those who are deemed to be “severe offenders” by the Dutch Gambling Authority
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