Essay about `` One Size Fits Few `` By Susan Ohanian

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Susan Ohanian has a crystal clear opinion on educational standards: they don’t work. In her book, “One Size Fits Few,” Ohanian shares this point-of-view with plenty of personal experience, research and case studies to back her up. The title alone says so much: there is no “one size” when it comes to education. “Standardistos,” as she refers to them, all seem to agree that a standardized education system would make things easier. However, this group of people, be them fellow educators, politicians, administrators, seem to be forgetting the reality of the issue… Every child is different. Ohanian (1999) states “Those aren’t children, those are numbers” on page one and for the next 151 pages, does all she can, on paper, to prove to you that this is true. Her stories are poignant, her research concise, she has a strong dedication to the diversity of education.
Ohanian has a long list of experience in the education field: variety of schools, variety of ages, variety of students. Her stories don’t indicate that she has a set teaching style, instead she caters to the learner. She does not seem like the type who strictly sticks to her lesson plans or feels stressed if something is not accomplished for the day. She does, though, seem to care. She cares about education, teaching, learning and, most importantly, she cares about the learner. If her book does not convince the reader of anything else, Standardisto is as Standardisto does, they will finish her story knowing her heart.…

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