One Blood, One Race Essay example

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Critical Analysis of One Blood, One Race Ken Ham did a brilliant job depicting the history of racial intolerance and misconceptions in his book One Blood, One Race using the Holy Scriptures to show where mankind and the church has gone wrong, and what areas we can strive to improve. Ham proves Biblically that all mankind are descendants of one man, Adam, and therefore we are all one race. This reading contains vast amounts of practical knowledge on genetics, but also gives wisdom of how we can interpret this knowledge as we examine mankind and the rest of God’s creation. The arguments presented in the book are so well backed and thought out that I cannot think of any objective counter arguments. The first argument given is actually a …show more content…
When people are married they are making a vow to be together the rest of their lives, but if the man and woman do not have the same beliefs this will not work. For a couple in this situation their beliefs will be compromised and weakened or the marriage will be compromised and weakened, neither of which should be acceptable. Christians should not forsake their beliefs to marry a non-believer. Interracial marriage is okay when it comes to ethnicities, but when it comes to spiritual races there should be no compromise. We must also look at the people we are willing to witness to. There are no inferior people or people who can’t be saved as the Curse of Ham suggests. In the Bible God calls us to “go into the entire world and preach to gospel to every person.”(Mark 16:15) That is not a suggestion, but an order that is all-inclusive of every person, no matter the skin color or ethnic type. One Blood, One Race is an eye opening work that has a profound impact on my outlook and argumentative skills when looking at races and their complete equality. After reading this I have sufficient knowledge to adequately witness to those who cannot view different races equally and firmly and biblically support myself. I can now do my part within the secular world and the church to help correct misconceptions and still present racial

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