Essay about Once Upon a Shop

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Once upon a shop: Jeanette Winterson

Modern society and modern life with a modern market. The small and private owned little shops, we’ve seen them all. In every town, every city, right next to the big grocery stores Tesco or Sainsbury’s they are located; unable to compete with these international and wide-spread super-markets. Stores with irresistible low prices and kilometre wide range of food variants, such as Jeanette Wintersons’ vegetable shop” Verde”, which she writes about in her personal essay” Once upon a shop”, aren’t able to cope with. An analysis of “Once upon a shop” shows which challenges small private shows have in the food industry today, and through Jeanette Winterson’s argument-tation we get an insight into her
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Her clear and precise way of arguing makes it very clear what her agenda is – to persuade the government to be realistic about the rates. She is also using a very subjective style by mentioning her own shop “Verde”. The subjecttive style makes the reader sympathy with Jeanette Winterson, because we get to see the challenges she has as owner of a little private shop.
Another argument that follows Toulmin’s model for argumentation is:” Good food need not be ex-pensive, but it cannot be so cheap that the land is degraded, the workers underpaid, and the animals reared and slaughtered in a way that would make any decent person sick with disgust.” (page 3, line 22-24) First of all, is her claim that good food doesn’t need to be expensive, but she uses the word “but” as rebuttal to say that it can be too cheap. Her data is shown in a quote later on, where she writes: “Ethical eating means factoring in real costs and real conditions” (page 3, line 26) Thereby, the warrant becomes: “Factoring in real costs and real conditions doesn’t make food expensive” and the backing is, if it’s too cheap there will be unpaid workers and in general bad working conditions.
All over, the main opinion of the author is shown by two quotes: “My view is that if we want things to be different we should use all our effort and ingenuity to make things different” (page 4, line 32-33) First of all, she wants things to be different and she want’s us too feel the same

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