On The Eve Of Extemction Chapter Summary

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A determined scientist on a mission of peace to help a planet suffering from famine discovers that the villagers are killing a rare species, but is forced to flee when she’s accused of poisoning their water supply.

ON THE EVE OF EXTINCTION is a thought-provoking character driven, sci-fi environmental drama. The script explores the harmful consequences of man’s destruction of its natural habitat.
The story centers on a peaceful mission to help another planet suffering from famine, only to discover that a rare species will soon go extinct due to the planet’s misguided belief about the animal and the profit they gain by extracting the horns. The consequences are long-term, as the species actually is the answer to helping the
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The story is a relevant one in that the audience can relate with this fictional world destroying a rare species for its horn, as history tells us that Earth has done the same to our rare species. The story is very insightful.
The protagonist, Tapestry (great name) is a very likable character and it’s easy for the audience to root for her. She has a good heart and she’s smart. She’s a leader and a voice for change. She has a remarkable influence on Sodi, who opens her mind to what Tapestry is warning them about: the extinction of the Lapsos. On a small note, consider giving Tapestry a bit more of a wittier, sardonic voice. This always works well for the heroine.
While the message is strong and resonates and while the protagonist feels relatable, there are areas of the script that are worth discussing for possible revisions.
The opening voiceover clearly narrates the backstory. However, the opening isn’t very exciting and doesn’t immediately capture one’s attention. A lot of characters are introduced within the first few pages, the narrative descriptions feels thick regarding what characters are wearing, and the opening story relies heavily on

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