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Lars says that they don’t understand how much money is spent on a jar of peanut butter, but think of it as their dad’s money and he can get more. Also when students throw exam papers away that have an A grade on it he thinks that wrong. Not many street people will says that it was wrong for kids to throw away exam papers; some won’t even look at them. He rather will have the students keep the papers so they can show it to their parents or keep them so they can remind themselves to do better in school.

Lars Eighner is a very proud person. It doesn’t matter to him what he was wearing, where he lived, and what or from where he got his food from. He is proud of his identity at that time. He even says that he is a scavenger, who lives from the refuses of others. This meant that he preferred things that other people will refuse in their lives. To get necessities for his daily life he, with positive energy he clearly states that he gets everything except for jeans form the dumpsters. Not many people would be proud of or admit that. Also when he talks or is teaching us about how to go through a dumpster he sound pretty happy and excited. It’s like he is teaching little kids and he doesn’t even feel ashamed about it at .all

Appearances can be deceiving for many people. Just because Lars was a person who lived on the streets doesn’t mean that he is rude, or dumb. In fact he was a pretty smart person for a guy who lived on the streets because he knew his
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