Essay about Old Oregon Wood Store

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Group Case Study: Old Oregon Wood Stove

Old Oregon Wood Store
Mr. George Brown:
From the data that you provided which contained the manufacturing times of your staff consisting of Tom, Leon, Cathy, Randy, and yourself we were able to determine the optimal staffing which will produce the fastest manufacturing times by utilizing an assignment algorithm. The process involved in preparing the data and the results of the algorithm is as follows. The first was to determine how many minutes each step of the manufacturing process took for each of your employees. Once these figures were determined we inserted them into a quality management software tool, named QM for Windows (QM), which has a formatted table that can calculate the
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We found that if Randy replaces Leon the total completion time will be 240 minutes. With this data we can provide the number of tables that can be completed in a day which is shown in Table 11 and the percentage of utilization per each station shown in Table 12. We can see from Table 11 that the total completion time is again 2.4 which is the same total completion time as the original crew’s time shown in Table 1.

Table 10
Assignment Solution with Randy Replacing Leon in the Manufacturing Process Person | Job | Time | Tom | Preparation | 100 | Cathy | Assembly | 70 | George | Finishing | 60 | Randy | Packaging | 10 | | Total time | 240 |

Table 11
Stations Completed In 1 Day with the Randy Replacing Leon in the Manufacturing Process Station | Station Time | Time Available | Station Completed | Preparation | 100 | 240 | 2.4 | Assembly | 70

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