Ola Boola Movie Analysis

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Ola Bola is a 2016 Malaysia football based film that was directed by Chiu Keng Guan. The movie was to celebrate the glory moment when our national football team made it into the 1980’s summer Olympics. The main characters in the movie are Marianne, Rahman, Muthu, Chow Kok Keong and Ali.

The story began with a journalist named Marianne, who wanted to leave the country for England because she was disillusioned by her work in Malaysia. She was told to write one last research on the 80’s national team. She flew over to Sabah to interview a former team player, Eric. He explained the events that had occurred and the movie had a flashback right into the 70’s where our national team players were striving to enter the Olympics but failed the attempt
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Rahman who always had the passion of being a sports commentator was assigned commentate after much practices. During the final match, one of the members heard about the boycott news from a South Korea player. Eric and Ali was frustrated and Ali voiced out “We played our hearts out there in the field, but even if we win, we still can’t go” referring to the Olympics. Harry and Chow who knew about the incident way before, explained that they did not want them to feel disheartened and give up on the game just because they can’t go to the Olympics. Muthu understood the situation and said “I would rather lose today rather than giving up just because we don’t get to go to the Olympics. Can you hear the fans out there? They are here to see us win, do you guys even care about it”. He shared his story of his father disowning him because he was so engrossed with his football team that he does not go home often but even so he kept playing football because of his passion and he believes there is a future to it. Also, he wants his father to acknowledge him and his little brothers and the whole nation to be proud of him. After much consideration, the team came into a decision to strive for one last chance and continued with the preliminary match. In the end, they were able cooperate well and got a chance to compete in the Olympics. However, due to the boycott of Malaysia towards Moscow, the team did not enter into the 1980’s summer Olympics. Even so, the team was enlightened by their

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