Okonkwo 's ' Things Fall Apart ' Essay

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Things Fall Apart Essay

Okonkwo’s lack of father figure leads him to the perspective of fear of failure and weakness. In the Igbo society Okonkwo doesn’t have a role model that he can look up to in order to overcome the fear of adapting to the new society. Okonkwo’s biggest obstacles throughout this story are fear, lack of self worthiness, and culture values.
Okonkwo is known for being that strong, confident role model he’s known for beating things with his iron fist, having a fiery temper but most important being a hardworking man during the main festivities there are. In between he believes that there is a problem because he lacks of self worth, fear and cultural /value identity in himself. In order to overcome these problems he has to face the reality that society has brought him to. He needs that confidence in himself in order to grow stronger and overcome these barriers.
In “Things Fall Apart” we see roles/genres that are played in this book a lot of fear, lost of identity, masculinity and culture values for the character Okonkwo there were walls that were built in front of his face he tried to overcome them, but along the way he found himself stuck and in a solitary place. The biggest obstacle for Okonkwo was masculinity because as a man you 're supposed to be strong, muscular and not be scared of anything but for Okonkwo it wasn’t like that because if he ever cried, backed down from a fight or was not the head of the household he was judged because in the…

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