Officer Tom Goetsch Case Summary

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Mid-cycle Review for Officer Tom Goetsch
As Application Support Center Manager, Officer Tom Goetsch is responsible for ensuring effective operations at the ASC within the Salt Lake City field office. He has maintained excellent working and personal relationships with the contract ASC site supervisor and all contract support staff within the ASC. He maintains secure documents and reorders as necessary.
Core Competencies
Communication: Officer Goetsch excels in effective and positive oral communications. He has open relations and communications with all of the ASC staff and officers at the Salt Lake City field office. He ensures alternative ISOs are kept updated with current procedures with ASC operations. During team meetings, he listens respectfully
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He is approachable to any questions that his clients might have regarding their immigration processing. Officer Goetsch attempts to resolve clients’ issues; however, he is able to recognize problems that need to be resolved with a more in depth InfoPass appointment.
Officer Goetsch adjudicates N600s during his down time. He has been gaining knowledge of N600 type cases. He has been tasked to be more proficient in issues like I290B forms relating to N600 cases. During the beginning of this cycle, he has had an N600 case pending for more than 60 days. It is important to keep track of timeliness of cases for good customer service.
Representing the Agency: Officer Goetsch builds effective relationships with external organizations, taking initiative to establish himself as an authoritative point of contact for the ASC. Officer Goetsch is a highly visible officer within the ASC that ensures all clients’ concerns are answered before they leave. He remains calm and respectful when confronted by a difficult, demanding, or angry customer, consistently upholding the agency’s interests and core values. There have been no complaints of customers dealing with the ASC

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