Officer Jones Case Study Questions

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1. Analyze Officer Edwards 's searches, if any, and note which may survive constitutional challenge.

Officer Edward and Officer Casey are set up a road block to catch drunk drivers, during this roadblock they stop a blue minivan. This action in itself would withstand a constitutional challenge since roadblocks such as these are allowed in most states. The length of time officer Edwards interrogates Jane might be questionable. Considering that he notes no signs of intoxication of any passengers after a minute or so, it could be seen as unreasonable that he would hold her for another three minutes to interrogated her about where she was coming from and going. Therefore this specific stop might not survive a constitutional challenge.
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Of what, if anything, can Chris be charged?

Chris could also be charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated rape. As already described with Abe, Chris and him had an agreement to commit an unlawful act, they had intent and committed an overt act towards completing the crime.
Otherwise, if Chris would not be charged with conspiracy, Chris could be charged with attempt. Chris showed specific intend to commit the crime when saying: “I 'm going to force her to have sex with me too.". Further he takes steps towards committing this crime by taking of his cloths and getting on the bed with the unconscious Mary. However, he passes out before actually committing the crime. Therefore, he could be charged with attempt.

5. With what, if anything, can Dr. Cirona be charged? What defense(s), if any, can Dr. Cirona
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Cirona could be charged with voluntary manslaughter. Dr. Cirona has experienced disturbances at the women 's health clinic for several months. One night one of the pro-life activists Barbara breaks into the clinic and starts chanting and shouting. Dr. Cirona had been napping in her office when she hears this. She comes outside and ends up shooting and killing Barbara. If we assume that Dr. Cirona did not have an intent to kill Barbara but was starteled by her suddenly turning around and ended up using her gun to shoot Barbara, Dr. Cirona could be charged with voluntary manslaughter. Dr. Cirona did not have a previous intent to kill Barbara, but still intentionally killed Barabara when she shoot her. Dr. Cirona was also experiencing events such as the picketing of her clinic and Barbara breaking in and chanting and shouting, which would cause any reasonable person emotional and mental

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