Essay on Of Mice and Men- Symbiotic Relationship

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Lennie is probably the central character in the book, ‘Of Mice And Men’. At the beginning of the book he is referred to as being like an animal because of his ‘shapeless face’ and his ‘wide sloping shoulders’. Steinbeck first describes Lennie like a bear dragging his large paws. He also drinks from the pool in the brush like a horse, ‘snorting into the water like a horse’.
From the beginning of the book we can see that Lennie is an interesting character due to his mental disability. He is a huge, powerful character but he is also very innocent. He seems to have grown up physically but not mentally. In the book George says Lennie is ‘just like a kid’. This is very true because he takes orders from George, he asks George a lot of questions
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I think Lennie knows this but he still says to George, “I should leave you alone, I could go up there into the hills an’ find a cave.” This is very sad because although he has enormous strength, you still know he will die without the help of George.
You can tell George has a strong sense of responsibility for george has taken care of Lennie through many hard times. An example of Georges’ responsibility is when Lennie grabs hold of the girl’s dress, George has to get him out of trouble. This is important because it shows one of the many things George has done for Lennie to keep him out of trouble. This shows that George has a great amount of responsibility of taking care of Lennie and keeping him out of the trouble he seems to get into. Another example are the tickets “you never had none you crazy bastard. I got both of ‘em here. Think I’d let you carry your own work card?”. This shows that George must take care of him because of Lennie’s clumsiness.
George stimulates Lennie’s mind with the dream of owning a house and farming their own land. Lennie seems addicted to this dream and often pleads with George to tell him about it. Lennie has pretty much memorised this vision and knows it but he still asks George to repeat it for him.
George is like a brother and a parent to Lennie because he is always there for him and he also knows him inside out. He knows when George has a mouse hidden or when he’s done something wrong.
This relationship isn’t just a one-way

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