Of Mice And Men Suspense Analysis

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Of Mice and Men The novel, Of Mice and Men, is a very good example of literature. The author, John Steinbeck, uses foreshadowing, details, and suspense to make his writing very powerful. These writing techniques make the novel, Of Mice and Men, a very good piece of literature. Steinbeck is very good at giving the reader little hints of what is to come later in the book. The first of three examples of foreshadowing is, when George said "But we're gonna sleep here tonight because I got a reason." This shows that George wants Lennie, who doesn’t remember much as it is, to remember this specific spot so that if anything bad happens he will flee to this location. As we see later in the book George finds Lennie here after he killed Curley's wife. …show more content…
Steinbeck uses this suspense to keep the reader engaged in the book. One person described the way that Steinbeck uses suspense as a “roller coaster.” An example of suspense was the calm and dead silence before Carlson shot Candy’s dog. This made the reader hold their breath to see what would happen to the dog. Another example of suspense created by Steinbeck is when Lennie is killing Curley’s wife. Steinbeck goes from a violent fast paced writing to a very slow paced writing that makes the reader's heart drop upon finding out that Lennie killed Curley’s wife. The last example of suspense is when George was trying to shoot Lennie, he picked up the gun and aimed it but was shaking so bad that he put it down and tried again later. This ropes the reader in making them want to know more, but cuts the knowledge right before it gets good. This is used on TV also. Sometimes in a suspenseful show they will cut to commercial right before the solution to the problem causing the viewer to stay and watch through the commercials, or in the book the boring parts, just to see the exciting conclusion. This style of writing makes a novel very fun to read and an all around better piece of

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