Essay about Oedipus, The King, By Oedipus

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Through the long and dramatic story of Oedipus; The King, the main character learns to accept his fate through accepting the worst in life 's journey, for him it was a curse. When the reader first meets Oedipus, he can seen as very ignorant.In his address to the elder of Thebes, Oedipus introduces himself as a king who thinks of himself in a god like way. He believes he is only able to lift a plague of Thebes. Oedipus is faced with the truth of his fate, a curse, from which he has been running from all along. He learns to change his attitude and outlook proving himself to be a hero like leader rather than a sad arrogant ruler like first depicted.
In the introductory scene of the text, Oedipus addresses the elders of Thebes as “My children (line 1),” thus hinting to the reader that he is above them. By doing this, Oedipus exhibits a strong sense of self worth. He continues, speaking with a priest “I know that you are deathly sick; and yet sick as you are, not one as sick as I. Each of you suffers in himself alone. His anguish, not another’s; but my spirit groans for the city, for myself, for you (62-66).” Acknowledging that the citizens of Thebes are in a time of suffrage, Oedipus chooses to ignore the city and to only care for his own worries. He becomes even more worried when he learns that the murderer of the previous king is still living in the city of Thebes and can kill him. “Whoever killed King Laios might- who know? - Decide at any moment to kill me as well…

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