Essay about Oedipus The King : A Moral Character

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In the play Oedipus the king, by Sophocles, and in Poetics, by Aristotle, Oedipus was described as a good moral character. He showed major determination to save the city of Thebes. He did all he can in his power to overcome the obstacles and was ready to do anything asked from the oracle of Delphi. Even hurting himself was not a problem because all he cared was to protect the city of Thebes. Therefore, Oedipus’ decisions of making the city his priority reveal him to be a good moral character. This can be seen through his intention toward the city and in the way he sacrifices himself. Oedipus is a good moral character because his intention to save the city is his priority. When he realizes how devastated the city of Thebes is he knows that he needs to act. The children are begging for his help which forces him, as a king to reassure them. Oedipus expresses, “You may count on me; I am ready to do anything to help” (Sophocles 6). Oedipus claims that he is ready to do whatever it takes to help the city which shows how he cares about his city. He takes his role of king very seriously because his intention to settle the problem comes first. Because of Oedipus’ determination and will we can see that nothing goes before his intention to fix the situation. It proves that he is a good moral character since all he cares is to save the city. Nothing will stop him from acting, he is ready to do anything possible. Furthermore, the oracle of Delphi asked Oedipus to find the murder of…

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