Oedipus The Book ' Oedipus ' Essay

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Oedipus Crux, the article I read was deceptively simple. On the exterior, the article posed a simple question, did Oedipus actually murder his father. It used this question to weave a counter the dominant narrative that the majority of people believe. Kurt Fosso talks about the process of teaching his kids in class, and through his teaching of contrasting perspective about the play Oedipus Rex, the kids, “ initially viewed this task perverse or just plain impossible”[Fosso 2]. He diagnoses the solution to the problem citing dominant narratives of knowledge as the problem. People use their preconceived notions to interpret their beliefs. Therefore, it was difficult to introduce counter-narratives to their very static notions of how the world works. He compares this to the type of fate that is introduced in Sophocles 's play, and how the students are bound to their interpretation of the play.
First, Fosso tries to prove that Oedipus did not actually murder Laius. As the chorus correctly said when being questioned with Oedipus’s guilt, to truly "find fault with the king" they need to "see the word/proved right beyond doubt"( Sophocles 506-8) Fosso thoroughly goes through the process of proving Oedipus innocent. His biggest object of contestation is the carriage. He questions the credibility of the carriage riders. Since the carriage did not have anything that would suggest it had royal ties, instead the carriage was not protected by an “embassy” nor according to Fosso the…

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