Oedipus Sympathy Analysis

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If you are oblivious to the truth and have no way of knowing what you did wrong, should you be blamed for your actions? Oedipus Rex is a play written by Sophocles in 441 b.c.. The play is about King Oedipus, ruler of Thebes, and his terrible destiny. There was an oracle created before the King’s birth that eventually proved to be true. The oracle claimed that Oedipus would kill his father, and also marry and have children with his mother. Knowing that this oracle was in place, Oedipus’s biological parents made the decision to get rid of him as soon as he was born; they thought that by doing this the oracle’s claims could never come true. Oedipus was sent to a different kingdom called Corinth and the people that raised him were the king and queen. King Oedipus deserves sympathy because he had no control of his fate. …show more content…
When Oedipus learns the truth on page 254 he proclaims, “God. God. Is there a sorrow greater? Where shall I find harbor in this world? My voice is hurled for on a dark wind. What has God done to me?” You can tell from Oedipus’s words that he feels extremely guilty for what he has done; he never wished this upon himself. This quote proves Oedipus’s remorse because he says that he’s ashamed of the outcome of his life, later on he exiles himself because he couldn’t deal with the tragedy. Oedipus also shows remorse when he learns the truth on page 257 when he says, “Of my father, when I came to the house of Death, or my mother: for I have sinned against them both so viley, that I could not make my peace by strangling my own life.” Oedipus says that he will not be at peace unless he kills himself because he could not bare to live with the burden of his actions. Oedipus even gouges his own eyes out because he didn’t want to see the horror that he created. Therefore, Oedipus should receive sympathy because he had no intentions to kill his father, and marry/sleep with his

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