Oedipus Analysis : ' Oedipus ' Rex ' Essay

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Tristan Cartmell
Ms Willis
Period 6
16 October 2014
Oedipus Rex Seminars

1.) In the play Oedipus Rex by Sophocles, Oedipus is described as a “everyman” figure because through the towns eyes he has done the most difficult thing that any man could ever do and that was defeating the Sphinx. Even though Oedipus is a regular human, the town believes because he defeated the Sphinx that he has the ability to do more than the average human being. “We are not saying, Oedipus that you’re equal to the gods but we have come to you gathered around your altars, because, out of all the men that we know, we think you to be the best in working out the meaning of hardship thrown upon us by life and by the gods” (6). This quote is saying that the town people admire what Oedipus has done and they want him to use his strengths to defeat all of the hardships that come to the town.
2.) Oedipus helped the town to live their proper lives again with his strength and knowledge.
Also with his “savior,” like behavior he conquered the Sphinx alone, without help. After his endeavor with the Sphinx, Oedipus is now sought out to figure out who murdered king Laius.
“Where then has Laius fallen? Within the palace walls? The fields? Or upon another land?
Where was his murder committed”(8). “Because the land of Laius’ murder could murder me as well and so, by avenging his death, I gain also”(9). In these quotes it explains that Oedipus must now figure out who killed Oedipus and avenge his death. The…

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