Odysseas Elytis : Greece 's Poet Essay

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Odysseas Elytis: Greece’s Poet

The poetry of Odysseas Elytis, who is acknowledged as one of the greatest Modern Greek poets, is beloved around the world. Elytis’ poetry, with its soaring imagery and revitalizing passion, appeals to readers of every kind. However, his work is especially significant and meaningful for the people of Greece, who are able to form veritable connections to Elytis’ literary motives. For this reason, Elytis is regarded by many as the purveyor of Greek tradition. Furthermore, the Aegean Sea, arguably an important element of Greek tradition, is a central, recurring feature in his work and thus, Elytis’ is also revered as the “Poet of the Aegean”. Although reading Elytis’ poetry in general is addictively enlightening, one piece that is particularly thought-provoking is July Word in which Elytis depicts

Odysseas Elytis was in fact born Odysseás Alepoudhélis; he changed his surname to reflect the things he cherished above all. He derived the name “Elytis” from the Greek words for freedom (ελευθερία), hope (ελπίδα), beauty and sensuality (ελένη), and Greece (Ελλάς). From my viewpoint, which is albeit a secondary one, most Greeks would agree that these qualities are central to the intangible definition of being “Greek”. Moreover, they become themes that are revisited throughout Elytis’ poetry.

Greece is famed for the beauty of its natural landscape to the extent that nature is deeply integrated in Greek tradition. “The blood that runs through our veins…

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