Analysis Of The Poem Frost At Midnight

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“Frost at Midnight!". Would make any human mind wonder. On a cold night, and everyone is sound asleep. I personally myself would enjoy that peaceful moment and let my head go into deep thoughts. I would have a nice cup of cappuccino. I would think about love, how far I have come as well as my past, my childhood, family and so much more. Coleridge couldn’t have chosen a better setting and title for this poem, because I believe that nature is best discovered and embraced at night. A person can get to know there self-more, because they are so relaxed. Coleridge brings the past, in with the present by using his sense of imagination and memories from his past, to help embrace the future. Coleridge better way of viewing life, is answer to hope and …show more content…
He is in his cottage relaxing his thoughts. It is a cold night and everyone including his child is sleeping. He is the only one up, so therefore his surroundings is really quite, that is almost scary. He can see himself lost in his memories, he can hear himself think. He states “Tis calm indeed! so calm, that it disturbs and vexes meditation with its strange/and extreme silentness." (Line 8-10). This poem is all about meditation and finding peace and happiness within himself, nature and in his son. This poem can be understandable to any father or mother, because any parent would want the best for their child if he or she didn’t have that luxury. Coleridge is hard on himself, because he is trying to heal his remorse from his childhood. The only way for him to be happy Is by giving, and wanting the best for his son. Coleridge lost his father, his good friend William Wordsworth, he also left school. Coleridge did not have no one to help him embrace nature or his childhood, but by meeting Wordsworth it help him appreciate nature and look at life differently. "Frost at Midnight!" consists of imagination, nature, his childhood vs adulthood and it all brings back memories. Coleridge was living in the city, but he want his child to live in the country, because he feel nature would give his son a better outlook on his childhood. He feel that nature will teach him more, and will help him grow spiritually, humble, intelligent and appreciative. It will teach a young man more about humanity then any parent can with no regrets. Unlike Coleridge was a lonely man, who was quiet and did not take on, nor appreciate nature and what it brings to the human mind until later. He do not want his son to live the same life and in regret. Even when Coleridge was in school he did not enjoy the

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