Paperless Obstacles And Challenges

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Obstacles and Challenges Studies have shown attempts at going paperless come with an array of obstacles and challenges. Moreover, they usually come from workers or decision maker’s unwillingness to adapt to change. An example can be seen in an article written by Davis: “Many professionals may feel the reluctance to change the way their firm completes these activities, even if they believe the benefits are worth the costs” (Davis, J., Hadley, & Davis, H. 2015, p. 2). A few other sources affirm the idea that workers are unwilling to adapt, they explain that: “The new tasks associated with technology are too difficult for workers to carry out because they feel overwhelmed by the perceived scope of the project” (Friedman, 2005, p. 1). Also another source describes that, having “Too many choices for software” as described in the Friedman article, is too challenging for decision makers which makes selecting too difficult (Friedman, 2005, p. 1). A different challenge to implement a paperless office environment, lies in recognition of how this technology can be best used to suite an organization’s needs such as: “Document scanning, automated workflows, and cloud storage. Having these tools that may contribute to the paperless office solution, however, their use cannot be determined until an
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Firstly, how much time needed to transition to a paperless system is important. Time can be a precious commodity in an office environment. Implementation of a new technology is not immediate, and in some cases can take years. An example from Friedman describes this ordeal. He mentioned that, “[..]we began the huge task of scanning old paper files and moving existing electronic files into the document management system. It took almost two years to complete” (Friedman, 2005, p.3); therefore, shows that a great deal of time is required to set up possible computer

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