Jane Austen Emma Character Analysis

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This passage from Jane Austen’s “Emma” presents Emma’s character as one who is Obsessed with the Trivialities going on in her life as well as someone’s who is not thinking clearly while their mind is errant, and also being impolite

One-way Jane Austen presents Emma during the passage is by showing us that she is Obsessed with Trivialities, by telling the reader that she could not forgive Jane Fairfax. “Emma could not forgive her” This demonstrates that Emma is obsessed with trivialities to Jane Fairfax because Jane has done nothing wrong. It also shows irony in that it implies that Jane has tried to forgive her but could not. It also reveals to the reader that Emma is unforgiving. This is because Emma has been the most popular in Highbury and Jane is becoming more popular than her, but also because during the party Emma feels that Jane did better than her performing on the Piano, making her more arrogant to her.

Austen also
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This is shown in the quote “ My dear papa, I sent the whole hind quarter. I knew you would wish it.” Emma here is telling her father about her charity in which she sent a whole hind quarter of pig to charity. This devotion to her father is shown by her saying “I knew you would wish it”, This shows that Emma has loves her father very much and tries to please her whenever she can. Depending on the perspective of the reader however this may be seen as another negative presentation of Emma, as it may be viewed as her trying to gain more influence over her father.

In conclusion This passage presents Emma as someone who has developed negative traits such as her Obsession with Trivialities as well as her Impoliteness and rudeness, however she shows great devotion to her father, These traits give the reader into the glimpse of what goes on inside Emma’s mind as well as what life might have been like during Georgian

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