Obesity Is The Unhealthy Eating Habits Of Young Adults Essay

1497 Words Dec 6th, 2015 null Page
The United States is known to be the most obese nation due to the increase in the obesity epidemic regarding young adults. One of the main causes of this drastic rise in obesity is the unhealthy eating habits of young adults. Fast food restaurants are seen almost everywhere which catches the attention of young adults because of it being both cheap and convenient for those who may not have sufficient time to prepare their own meal. Low income individuals also suffer the most from obesity because the prices of healthy foods are much more expensive than those of unhealthy foods; for example, junk food and meals from fast food restaurants are foods that are affordable at a cheap price. If there are no changes done by the government regarding the cost of healthy foods then the current generation will just continue to stumble down affecting the next generation. There needs to be a change in the eating habits young adults have now if this generation wants to live a healthy life and not die before their parents. The life expectancy of Americans is only decreasing; however, if changes are put into place when it comes to the prices of food then instead of individuals dying at a younger age or suffering from illness usually seen in older adults they might have a chance to make a positive change for the next generation. The changes that need to be done to be able to stop the obesity epidemic from continuing in the future are that the government needs to lower the cost of healthy…

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