Obesity Is Not A Disease Essay examples

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Obesity Is Not a Disease
Obesity is a growing trend in America today as a great number of Americans are weighing well over 300 pounds. This widespread phenomenon has taken several lives and ruined many others. Overweight individuals are more prone to several risk factors, including diabetes and immobility. Most of these individuals are distressed with heart conditions and blood pressure fluctuations, which are the leading causes of death for people with high weighing scale numbers. However, these risks do not seem to discourage the common obese person. Although some people believe that obesity is a disease, it can be a result of a sedentary lifestyle, it can be a medical side effect, and it can be a consequence of overeating.
Granted that automation has become commonplace, some feel that one of the causes of obesity is a sedentary lifestyle. Currently, Americans are devoting more and more time assembling around video systems and socializing on smart phones. Because of full workloads and hectic schedules, physical inactivity has become prevalent in the American lifestyle. Before modern technology was so popular, people moved their bodies more (Harmon 1). In past decades, parents sent their children outside to play; they would play games like hide-and-seek, jump rope, and baseball. These kinds of games gave children the opportunity to exercise and burn calories. However, people do not encourage such activities today; instead, they opt for pastimes that require little or no…

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